Dunhill Pipes

Dunhill pipes are among the finest pipes made today. Since 1974, we offer the best prices and broadest selection on of all the best shapes and styles of Dunhill pipes. Including root briar, shell briar, amber, and others.

The touchstone of pipes. Alfred Dunhill pipes are world renowned for their quality. All Dunhill pipes are "firsts"; any flaw in a pipe disqualifies it from being a Dunhill. Oil cured briar, flawless finishes, light weight, and perfect craftsmanship set Dunhill apart.

A bent Dublin-shaped group 4 pipe in Dunhill's Cumberland finish. Beautiful brown "bowling ball" stem. Dunhill number 4135

A long-shank Dunhill group 4 with a dark sandblast and a short saddle bit. Dunhill number 4111.

The perfect billiard: a Dunhill group 4 smooth finish. Light weight and finished in the Dunhill "Amber Root" finish.

Alfred Dunhill Pipes
It is universally acknowledged that Alfred Dunhill craft the definitive pipe. Their standards of manufacture are indeed as uncompromising as they are rare, which is why it will take over ninety individual processes and three months for them to make a pipe that will last a lifetime. It is a philosophy that has set them apart since 1910. The Alfred Dunhill selection of shapes and finishes is designed to match the individual tastes of the discerning pipe smoker. A pipe reflects personality, so there is an Alfred Dunhill pipe to suit every mood and occasion. If a pipe survives inspection at every stage of manufacture it is finally bestowed the famous Alfred Dunhill "White Spot", the ultimate guarantee of quality.

Dunhill Pipes truly are among the finest pipes made today! Called "The Rolls Royce of Pipes", these flawless briars are perfect! That means no fills, pits, or flaws are found in or on these well crafted and select pipes! Of the highest collectibility, these pipes are highly sought for their sweet smoke and the prestige of knowing that you are smoking the best!