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Tinned Tobacco

Borkum Riff

Borkum Riff lets the consumers discover the true pipe smoking pleasure, which is based on more than 300 years of mixture experience. Each mixture has itís own unique taste, but still belongs to the family. This is why it is easy to explore different taste variants. Because equal for all our mixtures, the tobacco is easy to handle and the even glow from the sweet burning tobacco is a guiding light that let the consumers discover the territories of their taste. The new design embraces the whole family of mixtures and makes it easy to decode the flavour variant. And on top of that, creates a visible strong shelf. The most popular variant is Borkum Riff Mixture with bourbon whiskey which was launched on 1st of april 1962.

Bourbon Whiskey 7oz can
Retail Price: $32.50
Payless Price: $19.99
35% Black Cavendish from Africa, Europe and the Phillipines mixed with 65% Virginia from Brazil and Africa.
Original 1.5 oz pouches; Unit of 5 *closeout price
Retail Price: $38.40
Payless Price: $24.95
60% Black Cavendish from the Phillipines and Africa mixed with 40% Virginia from Brazil, India and Africa. Loose cut with chocolate, prune and fruity notes.